Makeup Review

Samantha Jade For Models Prefer

I’m not usually one to rush out and buy things just because a celebrity has collaborated with a makeup brand, and as gorgeous and talented as Samantha Jade is, her music isn’t really my cup of tea. So why the hell did I buy the eyeshadow and strobing palettes from her collab range with Models Prefer? Simple. Because when I stood in the makeup isle of Priceline swatching some of the exclusive products I was blown away by the pigment and colour pay off of the range.

The strobing palette grabbed my attention first, in fact it was the beautiful warm orange shade appropriately named “Sunrise” that drew me in. “Ooooohh that’s pretty!!” [swipes finger across tester] “Ooh look at that lavender shade too! And that pink one!!” I swatched all 6 colours with my fingers and just wanted to rub them all over my face…but that would be gross because who knows who else has rubbed their fingers all over the testers too…yuck!


My eye was then drawn to the gorgeous rich burgundy shade in the eyeshadow palette, and of course I was going to swatch that too! The intensity in the pigment in that one small swipe was amazing! Yep I’ll take one of them! I swatched the other 5 shades in the palette just to make sure, but who was I kidding I was buying this palette just for that burgundy alone!


There were 3 pigments and a nude eyeshadow palette that looked rather special, lipstick, lip pencil and gloss (but I didn’t swatch them), and there was a brush set that felt soooooooo silky soft. I was running late to pick up my kids from school so just grabbed the eyeshadow and strobbing palettes and left.

So what are they like to work with? What’s the colour payoff like once applied? And how do they hold up through the day? Well before I could put them to the test THIS happened…


Yep! One of the eyeshadows fell out of the pan as I lifted it up and held it up to my camera to film a look video. But being the Macgyver I am I swept up what I could and tipped it back into the pan, placed a tissue over it and pressed it back into place. VIOLA! I saved the day!

Ok, back to business. Here’s the Youtube video I made to show you what the palettes are like in action.

So what did I think of the second Samantha Jade collaboration with Models Prefer? The “All of The Lights” and “Strobe To Glow” palettes are extremely pigmented so there’s no need to load up your brush too much, a little goes a long way! The eyeshadows blend smoothly and are quite creamy rather than chalky which is great! They stayed put for the few hours I was wearing it and there was no fall out, but the one thing I was disappointed in was the burgundy shade came out more pink than expected, I would have loved for it to be truer to the colour it is in the pan. it’s still a gorgeous colour though.

IMG_1592 (2)

The “Strobe To Glow” highlighters are amazing! You can see in the video just how lit they are when I applied the tiniest bit with the lightest touch to the tip of my nose. It was hard to show it on my cheekbones in camera but trust me they were blingin’!! There’s 3 shades for light to medium skin tones and 3 for darker skin PLUS you can use them all as an inner eye highlight or as an eyeshadow.

IMG_1625 (2)

The strobing pallete will set you back $19.99 and the eyeshadow palettes just $17.99. Definite bang for your buck!

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