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Being Published in BNE Magazine

How many planes do you think fly in and out of Brisbane airport each day? How many people would you estimate walk through the airport terminal on a weekly basis? That’s how many people will see my photo featured in BNE Magazine for the next two months. *Insert surprised emoji*

It all started in May last year when Megan, owner of Studio Fascino in Burleigh, asked me to be the hair and makeup artist for her Seasons Series she was creating. The idea was to turn women into the queen of each season, starting with “The Autumn Queen” which would consist of gorgeous, rich browns, warm orange and gold tones and invoke feelings of power and majestic strength. Megan had started the creative process months earlier when she photographed a model wearing a crown she had made from beautiful big leaves she’d collected from her backyard, although I had not worked on that particular shoot.

Beautiful Pearl as “The Autumn Queen” shot by Studio Fascino with hair and makeup by me.

The first time Megan and I worked together on an “Autumn Queen” shoot was with the gorgeous Pearl. I layered two wigs on her, used rich, shimmery warm tones in her makeup and Megan crowned her the “Autumn Queen” by placing the same crown of leaves she’d used in her first Autumn shoot. We scattered a box full of loose leaves around Pearl’s head as she lay on the studio floor and Megan set to work creating magic.

Megan working her magic while Pearl lays below.


Two days before this shoot Megan sent me a message saying “how about we do some shots of you too?” It had been quite some time since I had been in front of the camera and knowing how amazing Megan’s work is I wasn’t going to say no. I spent the next day scouring Lincraft for some cheap fabric I could drape around myself to resemble a costume as I had zero time to sew any real costume together. That night an image popped into my head of a curvy woman standing regally with her hips and legs morphed into a tree trunk, she would embody “Mother Nature”. I walked into the studio the next day ready to transform Pearl into the “Autumn Queen” and excited to have some shots taken of me too. I mentioned my idea to Megan in passing saying we should get someone in here to make her “Mother Nature” and explained my vision.

After Pearl’s shoot it was my turn. I did my makeup, popped on a couple wigs and Megan crowned me. We took a bunch of photos similar to Pearl’s and then Megan asked me to stand up on a large box. Sure! I awkwardly climbed up on the box with help from Megan as I was tightly laced into a corset and well, they just don’t like to bend in the middle. I stood up there moving my arms this way and that, looking here and there as Megan instructed me to and then awkwardly climbed down. I’d had so much fun and loved that Megan had offered to photograph me, too.

Me being a goober up on a box while instructs me on how to stand.

That night she sent me a private message on Facebook telling me she’d sent me an email. I logged into my email account and opened her email. OH MY GIDDY AUNT!!!!! She had used one of the shots she’d taken of me up on the box, morphed my legs into a tree trunk, by some magic had made my arms look like they were covered in bark and had completely recreated the half arsed explanation of my vision even more stunningly than I had ever imagined. When I told Megan flippantly about the idea of “Mother Nature” I had no intention of the model being me, it was one of those “hey we should do this one day” kind of things and to be honest I didn’t even explain it that well to Megan.

Me as “Mother Nature” by Studio Fascino. Look at all the textures layered on!

But her creative mind obviously heard a few key words and started ticking over. Megan has an amazing and inspiring way of mentally visualising something then making it happen. She can take a half arsed barely understandable idea (like mine) and turn it into something so beautiful. I’ve seen her do this time and time again when a client comes into the studio wanting to recreate an image they’ve seen or just want to take inspiration from, Megan sees all these different elements that no one else sees and puts them together in a way that produces mind blowingly beautiful images.

Skip forward to late last year when Megan tells me BNE Magazine are running an article on her and her Autumn series. They have asked for one of the “Autumn Queen” shots I had worked on and would be mentioning my business. EEEEPPPPP!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!! I didn’t expect it to be my “Mother Nature” shot. Megan told me they might use it and I was stoked. Not only were they going to plug my business but I might have a photo published too. I couldn’t wait to see the magazine released so I could finally spill these rather exciting beans.

Skip forward again to late last month when Megan sent me a private message on Facebook again saying “look what came out today” with a picture of the magazine cover. She sent me the link so I could take a look at the lovely article they had written about her and that inspiring creative mind I was telling you about. I was standing in a shop with my dad when I opened the link and nearly screamed! There on page 12 was a full page sized photo of me with the credit saying “Makeup and hair by Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Styling” along with my website. I was speechless! I instantly rang Megan and we were both like “what the hell just happened?”. BNE Magazine had done a two page spread on Megan featuring four beautiful images from her along with my “Mother Nature” shot.

I’ve had photos of me published in magazines like Cruisin, PinUpSKool, Dead Beat and others. I’ve had my work published many times also. But none of them have been placed on every plane coming in and out of Brisbane, on newsstands throughout the airport and CBD. My mind is absolutely blown away with how massive this is. There’s folks sitting on a plane bound for who knows where looking at my mug in the magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of them. I won’t lie, I’m giggling about that even as I type this.

Megan, you are such an incredible photographer, your art and your creativity knows no bounds and to be able to ride along on your coattails is an absolute honour. To then be able to call you a friend is nothing short of a privilege because your heart is so huge and make everyone around you feel special and loved. Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous image of me that my daughter’s can now cherish when I’m gone.

If you haven’t got a copy of this issue then follow this link:

To see more of Megan’s amazing work then head to her website:




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