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Hi, welcome to my new blog!

Hi folks! It’s been a few years since I’ve written a blog and since some of my Instagram and Facebook posts tend to be quite lengthy I thought it was time to start writing again. This blog will feature some of my fave tricks and tips for creating fabulous hair and makeup looks (both vintage and modern), beauty reviews and hacks as well as some history and trivia about hair, makeup and beauty.

But for now, let me tell you a bit about myself for those who may have just stumbled upon my blog and have no idea who I am or what I do. My name is Bree, I’m 35 *cough, splutter* and I’m a hair and makeup artist on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I became a hair and makeup artist because I am so passionate about makeup and creating gorgeous hairstyles, I get such a rush from it! I grew up watching my mum who was a hairdresser and mimicking her, stealing her streaking cap and hook as well as her perming rollers to give my Strawberry Shortcake doll streaks and a perm (I’m a master at mixing baby powder and water to make bleach!) – it was the 80’s after all!

Before I started school (or when I successfully scammed a day off) I would go with my Nan on a Friday to have her hair washed and set. I’d sit in the hairdresser’s chair next to her intensely watching every move the hairdresser made, memorizing each step, from the way she moved her hands to the way she held a comb and roller. I’d then spend countless hours setting my dolls hair as well as my own, but never having enough patience to wait until the hair was dry before remove the rollers and becoming bitterly disappointed the set didn’t work.

Nan and I would watch a lot of movies together and admire the starlets’ beauty, clothing and particularly their hair. “Oh Nanny look at HER hair!!” to which she would reply with an almost step by step tutorial of how ladies used to do their hair “back in the olden days”. Again, I’d race off to my bedroom and try to recreate the steps she had told me.

As a teen I’d spend hours on end playing with makeup, creating different looks, mixing different colours and seeing what would happen if I did this or that. I’d study magazine covers and pick what colours had been used the model, how they’d shaped her brows or lined her lips. Something I still do to this day.

15yrs ago I entered the beauty industry as a nail technician. I furthered my studies and skill set to include everything from waxing to facials and worked in 3 different salons before leaving to have my first baby. Then moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney 9yrs ago I dabbled in a little pinup modelling and enjoyed doing my hair and makeup for each shoot so much that I wanted to do it more often. I figured there had to be other “pinups” out there who needed their hair and makeup done for their photoshoots. So I started Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Styling and never looked back!

Making women feel fabulous and beautiful is half the reason why I love my job so much and why I continue to invest so much time and money into finding the best quality products and tools to give each of my clients a professional result. I spend so much time learning new tricks and refining those I already know, researching new trends and products and playing guinea pig testing it all out on myself first so that my clients feel confident that they’re getting an experienced professional service. I get such a buzz out of transforming women from fresh faced to glam and helping them bring out their inner beauty. Making women feel special is such a big part of why I do what I do.

I’m 100,000% dedicated to my art and will never lose the passion I have for hair, makeup and beauty. It’s been such an intricate part of my life since I was given my very first blush trio at the age of 4 (I can still remember what it looked like, the way it smelt and the fabulous pink/peach/purple shades – again it was the 80’s). To paraphrase the famous slogan, maybe I was born with it.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope’ll stay tuned for more blogs about all things hair, makeup and beauty. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions so if there’s something you’d like me to blog about, whether it be a DIY tutorial or some useless trivia you can break the ice with at your next dinner party, then send it through to me at


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